• steel sheet coil - 副本
steel sheet coil - 副本

steel sheet coil - 副本

  • (1)Steel Grade: DX51D, SGCC, S250, ASTM A653,G550,Thickness: 0.13mm to 2.50mm (Tolerance +/- 0.02mm) , Width: 750mm to 1250mm (Tolerance+/-3mm)
  • (2)Zinc Coating: 40g/M2 to 275g/M2 ,Surface Treatment: Chromated, unoiled ,Regular Spangle,Regualr Spangle,Big Spangle,Coil ID: 508MM/610MM,Coil Weight: 4-22tons
  • (3)Hardness: HRB50-HRB90 ,Tensile Strength: 280--600Mpa
  • (4)Seaworthy Packing, Delivery by Container or by Bulk
  • Product description: China Suppliers and Manufacturer,We Professional Produce in good in quality and reasonable price,Welcome come to Inquiry,Our quotation immediately!
Color refers to the painted steel, painted steel is a steel plate with organic coating, conventional coatings - several categories, the most exclusive fluorocarbon coating corrosion almost 20 years. Generally from the steel mills in the form of distribution to the rest of the roll. We often see the color plate refers to the finished sheet thickness of about 50 ~ 100mm, it is from the middle of the filler and the sides of the color steel components. Among them, the color plate thickness of 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, such as different thickness, the intermediate layer may be polyurethane, rock wool or foam and the like. Because there are specific sections, so constructed with color steel plant construction is fast (eg when Xiaotangshan Hospital SARS), but low intensity. Colored steel substrate was cold-rolled substrate, galvanized substrates and galvanized substrates. Coating types can be divided into polyester, silicon modified polyester, vinyl fluoride segregation and plastisol. Colored steel surface state can be divided into coated plates, embossing plates and printing plates.
Colored steel appliances widely used in construction and transportation industries, the construction industry is mainly used for steel plants, airports, warehouses and refrigeration and other industrial and commercial building walls and doors, roofs, buildings use less color plate .
Color has the advantage of good corrosion resistance, colorful, beautiful appearance, easy molding and original strength steel sheet having advantages and low cost characteristics.
Color and steel difference is that the different constituent materials. Magnet can suck move.
Color problems:
1. Although the largest amount of building materials with galvanized substrate capacity is large, but the lack of a flat no spangle Galvanized steel coil and zinc alloy coating, good coil substrate;
2. Domestic paint variety, quality can not fully meet the demand, the high price of imported paint reduces the competitiveness of, the plastic foil color board required membrane still need to rely on imports, the lack of coating thickness, functionality, high strength, color-rich high-end color coated plate;
3. products are not standardized, resulting in a serious waste of resources, low capacity excess capacity units 40,000 tons / year or less, and in product quality and environmental protection resources are a problem; 4. excessive national new painted units, far more than the market demand, resulting in many color coating unit operating rate is very low, or even stop.
Color trends:
First, the use of high-quality substrate, the substrate surface, shape and dimensional accuracy requirements are increasingly high, promptly outdoor use, such as small spangle formation of hot dip galvanized steel coil, flat no spangle galvanized steel coil The rise of hot-dip zinc alloy volumes; for indoor use, such as galvanized steel coils, cold-rolled plates and aluminum foil roll.
Second, to improve the pretreatment and pretreatment solution, a small number of devices, low cost technology to become mainstream, stability, corrosion resistance, environmental performance excellence pretreatment solution.
Third, pay attention to the development of new coatings for general polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and plastisol make improvements, get super color reproducibility, UV, sulfur dioxide, improve corrosion resistance; the development of pollution-resistant, smoke heat and other functional coatings.
Fourth, unit equipment more perfect. Such as the use of new welder, the new roll coater, a perfect curing oven, equipped with advanced automated instrumentation.
Fifth, since the cold than hot embossing embossing low cost, with a beautiful, three-dimensional, high strength characteristics, so cold embossing technology become a trend.

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