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the use of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet

Second, the use of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet
The most important application of foreign galvanized steel sheet for the construction, automotive, electrical three sectors, which occupies most of the proportion of hot-dip galvanized steel consumption, the domestic situation is somewhat different, however, in addition to construction, the automotive industry, light industry is a major user and animal husbandry and fishery, commerce also need a larger amount. Table 1 lists some application examples galvanized steel sheet in some industries.
Outside - roof, outer wall panels, doors, gutters, shutter doors and windows, drop tank and pipes;
Internal - dragon skeleton walls, ceiling dragon skeleton, ventilation tube;
Equipment and structure - radiators, cold-formed steel, pedals and shelves
Body - shell, inner panel, chassis, pillar, interior construction, flooring, fenders, doors, trunk lids, chute;
Member - fuel tanks, fenders, mufflers, radiator, exhaust pipes, pipe filter, oil pipelines, oil pipelines, the brake pipe, engine parts, underbody and interior parts, heating systems components;
Appliances - refrigerator base, shell, shell washing machines, air-net, kitchen equipment, Freezer, radios, tape recorders base;
Cables - armored power cables, telecommunications cables, cable trench bay, bridge, ornaments;
Granary (Silo) barns, feed and sink, greenhouse scaffolding, baking equipment
Railways - carport cover, internal frame profiles, road signs, car inner wall;
Ships - containers, air ducts, cold frame;
Aviation - hangars, signs;
Road - highway guardrail, soundproof wall.
Corrugated pipes, garden fence, gate reservoir, watercourse riverbed
Barrels of gasoline, pipe insulation shell, drums
Pipe billet, billet steel window, color-coated substrate
Dry, wet cans, tea bucket, paint bucket, bags, beverage containers, various caps
Civil chimney, children's toys, all kinds of lighting, office equipment, furniture
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