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pure zinc galvanized steel sheet

pure zinc galvanized steel sheet (GI)
Pure zinc galvanized steel sheet suggests that it is in hot-dip galvanizing is not any element added as a zinc alloy coating to the pot. In fact during the pure zinc hot dipping to the needs of workmanship, often adding a small amount of aluminum in the zinc pot and a small amount of lead. Under normal circumstances, a small amount of zinc containing lead, about 0.003% -1.75%, the solubility of lead in molten zinc is about 1.2% at 450-455 ℃, so a small amount of lead on) form Fe-Zn alloy layer is not influences. But it can reduce the melting point of zinc, galvanized steel sheet low-melting liquid zinc so that zinc pot when making longer in its liquid zinc layer surface coagulation time, thereby forming larger crystals of zinc to produce big spangle hot dip zinc plate.
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