US may be part of the domestic corrosion-resistant steel impose 236 percent tariffs

US may be part of the domestic corrosion-resistant steel impose 236 percent tariffs
Bloomberg said the morning of the 4th Beijing time, a preliminary survey by the American Department of Commerce show that imports from China of corrosion-resistant steel part may be levied up to 236% of the tariff, this ratio is determined based on the subsidy they receive.
US Department of Commerce in the announcement emailed, said Ministry of Commerce survey found that the proportion of subsidies five Chinese exporters include Angang Group Hong Kong Limited and Baosteel, including acquired up to that level. US Customs and Border Protection Bureau in accordance with instructions received subsidies according to the proportion of these companies to ask them to pay a cash deposit.
The preliminary findings are the first this year ruled that US steel producers filed three complaints of trade. Previously, the products from China and other overseas manufacturers into the United States market, the price down to nine low, causing 31 percent of US steel production capacity forced idle. The ruling could help increase US domestic prices.
It was identified to obtain 236% of the subsidized five Chinese companies are not involved in the investigation. The US Commerce Department said, the proportion of subsidies to another company Ye Hui (China) Technology Materials Co., Ltd. 26.3%.
Initial investigations revealed that Indian companies enjoy a subsidy of up to 7.7%, the proportion of Italian government subsidies for exports of 38.4%; the highest proportion of subsidies in Korea was 1.4%.
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