hot-dip galvanizing production process

 the continuous hot-dip galvanizing production process
1, a typical continuous galvanizing steel production process (US Steel Union Law)
2, hot dip galvanized quality of the original board requirements
a), annealing: galvanized original plate is usually cold-rolled strip, cold-rolled strip annealing perform the following functions: First, the steel strip in the annealing furnace to eliminate rolling stress, improve the mechanical properties; the second is clean strip surface the rolling oil and dirt on the surface of the strip by heating during evaporation, combustion and removed, so that the strip has a clean surface, and the sealing strip into the hot dip galvanized zinc pot; Third, complete annealing process while the strip surface oxide film layer micro reduction furnace is hydrogen into iron layer, ready for the hot-dip galvanizing strong adhesion surface condition; four complete strip annealing and after reduction in Annealing by rapid cooling and slow cooling to accurately control the temperature when entering zinc pot, so that the strip coating process is completed at the optimum temperature galvanizing; five is to maintain or improve the galvanized steel plate shape.
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