expectations for the Galvalume steel coil market

Finally, apart from the problems you have mentioned, what are your short- and medium-term expectations for the Galvalume steel coil market?
Lately, the outlook has been a bit more positive. Favorable Galvalume steel coil market conditions are witnessed again in the US. Europe is slowly emerging from the euro crisis. I think the elections in Germany will have positive effects as well. The improvements in the US and Europe will also reflect positively on the rest of the world. Another expectation, or rather a hope, is that the markets will gain some relief from political troubles subsiding in the Middle East. However, all this will not happen in just one day, it will take time. I think we are almost certain that the current situation will last until the end of the year. 2014 will also be similar to the current year, but we are expecting some improvement starting from next year
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