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carbon steel galvanized substrate classification​

carbon steel galvanized substrate classification
     Strip continuous hot-dip galvanizing Most ordinary low-carbon steel, carbon content of between 0.10% -0.20%, characteristics and circumstances of Galvanized iron industry is very similar. When ordinary low-carbon steel as a galvanized substrate, the largest element in its composition effects are carbon and silicon. In general, the higher the carbon content in steel, zinc - iron the more intense the reaction, the greater the iron loss, and the resulting alloy coating also thicker, making the coating brittle, plastic deteriorates, coating adhesion is poor. In addition, the high carbon content steel will affect the surface quality of the coating, there are often leak plated iron point, but also easy to form zinc tumor.
With the development of the automobile industry, for carbon steel deep drawing and other cold formability raised higher and higher requirements,
Steel carbon content is preferably as low as possible, e.g., generally stamped steel carbon content less than 0.10%, carbon content less commonly
To 0.08% (eg 08Al), high-quality stamped steel carbon content is not more than 0.04% (as K08Al), and ultra-deep drawing steel (such as interstitial IF steel) reached the carbon content of not more than 0.005%.
      (2) high-strength galvanized steel to meet one of the main users of galvanized steel sheet weight automotive industry, energy, security and other needs, the car to get quickly developed high-strength steel is hot dip galvanized steel substrate. Currently foreign countries have developed or are developing a high-strength steel has high strength IF steel, bake-hardening steels, high strength low alloy steel, duplex steel and transformation induced plasticity steel, high-strength carbon-manganese steel, martensitic steel, They can reach the intensity level is shown in Fig.

The relationship between strength and elongation 1 yield all kinds of high-strength steel
IF interstitial-free deep drawing steel; IS isotropic steel; Mild soft steel; BH bake hardening steels; CMn carbon-manganese and high strength steels;
HSLA High Strength Low Alloy Steel; DP dual phase steel; CP complex phase steels; TRIP transformation induced plasticity steel; MART martensitic steels
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