What role does Stainless Steel Coil play in the group?

What role does Stainless Steel Coil play in the group?
2012 is undoubtedly the year which marks the start of a new era for Interpipe. Having launched the new mill, we completed the transition to a vertically-integrated structure. This certainly provides benefits for our customers. The state-of-the-art in-house steel mill provides us with high quality Stainless Steel Coil from carbon to low alloy grades and will ensure comprehensive quality monitoring at every critical step of steel billet manufacturing.
When the mill reaches its designed capacity rate, the self-sufficiency in billets for Interpipe's seamless pipe production will rise to 90 percent. The production capacity of the new mill will be 1.32 million metric tons a year, making it the largest enterprise of this kind in eastern Europe. Investments in the project totaled $700 million.
January 17, 2012 was the date of the first steel output by Interpipe Steel, and it produced 500,000 metric tons of steel in the twelve months since then. When do you expect to achieve the project capacity of 1.32 million metric tons?
As per March production results for Interpipe Steel, its steel billet output amounted to 110,000 metric tons. The mill produced 88,000 metric tons in January and 90,000 metric tons in February. So we can see that the monthly production volumes are rising each month. In terms of monthly figures, the mill will reach its planned capacity in 2013, reaching the full annual output figure in 2014. 
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