What are Galvanized Metal Sheets target sales markets?

What are Galvanized Metal Sheets target sales markets? Can you share your development and strategy plans with our readers?
Interpipe Steel is committed to the production of Galvanized Metal Sheets for internal needs. Steel billets produced at the mill feed the company's two major seamless pipe producers - Interpipe NTRP and Interpipe Niko Tube.
What contribution does Interpipe Steel make to the Ukrainian economy? Do you have new Ukrainian projects?
Interpipe Steel is the first metallurgical plant to be built from scratch in Ukraine in the last 40 years. Interpipe Steel is also the largest single private investment since Ukraine became independent. The total volume of investments has amounted to $700 million. The mill combines innovative steel melting technologies from one of the top three metallurgical equipment producers, Italian plantmaker Danieli, and works on the basis of international best practices in steel production. This combination creates a new metallurgical production philosophy for the 21st century - a new step forward for the steel industry in the country. 
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