Weld seam position detector

Weld seam position detector, easy to export cut, weld position to achieve tracking, to automatically cut weld.
Remove the strip skim the surface of the oil segment
Washing section to remove skim skim material carried
Purge water vapor blown off the surface of the strip
Dryer will walk through the strip surface after drying surface treatment
Battle measuring instrument measuring the size of the furnace to take the strip into the tension before
Reduction annealing furnace for heating the strip is preheated soaking rapid cooling, etc., through high-temperature purification strip.
Galvanized zinc pot on the strip
Air knife to adjust the thickness of the zinc layer, so that a uniform distribution of zinc coating
Shaft means not sinking into the strip zinc pot
Quenching water means the strip temperature drops to expected temperature
The central line of the strip looper ease transport capacity, to ensure the normal operation of the furnace section.
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