United States shredded scrap prices

United States shredded scrap prices edged up during the week ended December 18, while major US aluminum scrap commodities weekly average prices on Scrap Register Price Index showed a steady trend. 

According to TSI, US Midwest weekly shredded index increased $1 a long ton the week to $170 a long ton (delivered mill). 

US mills have begun to pay higher than average December prices as they look to secure scrap for January commitment with prices seen as high as $190 a long ton.

Participants believe that this uptick in scrap prices could last for the next two months as export demands remain low and the operating rates of mills only being around 65%.

The major aluminum scrap commodities on the Scrap Register Price Index showed flat trend during the week. The weekly average scrap prices of Auto Wheels, 5052 Alum Clip, 6061 Alum Extrusion, 6063 Extrusion, Al/Cu Rad with Iron, Al/Cu , Alum Breakage 50%, Alum Litho Sheets, Alum Old Sheet, Alum Rad with Iron, Alum Radiator, Alum Transformer, Alum Transmission, Alum Turning and Mix Alum Casting stayed stable during the week.
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