The application of advanced technology of hot-dip galvanized sheet analysis

The application of advanced technology of hot-dip galvanized sheet analysis
With the development of industry, galvanized products have been applied to many areas of society, such as has been widely applied to the communication tower, power transmission tower production and living areas, railways, road protection, lampposts and so on. As important a hot dip galvanized products, hot dip galvanized sheet application is particularly important, become machinery, vehicles, home appliances, construction and other sectors indispensable part, because hot-dip galvanized sheet excellent texture, versatile, so its processing technology more and more national, social and corporate departments.
Modern hot-dip galvanized sheet metal processing status quo of China's current hot-dip galvanized sheet metal processing methods varied, in accordance with past habits, usually depending on the plating pretreatment method sheet, divided into lines and lines outside annealing annealing two categories. Line outside the annealing is divided into: wet hot galvanized, hot-dip galvanized steel leaflets, HDG etc. Wheeling law. In-line annealing is divided into Sendzimir, modified Sendzimir US Steel Union law, Silas.
In recent years, the minimum thickness of the thin slab casting and hot rolling technology advances in technology, hot-rolled sheet can reach 1.0mm or less, advances this technology to promote the rapid development of hot-rolled galvanized steel sheet. Its production line process and equipment improvements to accommodate the characteristics of thick hot rolled strip, and the emergence of online pickling, induction heating and other hot-rolled plate hot-dip galvanizing technology. The use of hot-rolled sheet after pickling, may not be coated with oil directly into the hot-dip galvanizing line galvanizing, fewer cold rolling step, and because the organization of equiaxed grains of the hot rolled sheet, etc., there is no need recrystallization annealing, Simply heating in a reducing hydrogen annealing furnace in a reducing atmosphere to about 550 ℃, reducing energy consumption, thus greatly reducing the cost of production of hot dip galvanized steel strip. Improve the market competitiveness.
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