Technology segment safety rules

Technology segment safety rules:
1. Before induction dressed all labor protection products;
2. should strictly follow the "technical rules" and "process planning" operations;
3. A process according to claim choosing tension, to prevent broken steel;
4. units in operation, the outlet looper should be empty sets, in order to have sufficient time to prepare unloading;
5. To strictly in accordance with paragraph electrolytic degreasing, annealing furnace, zinc pot, passivation and other systems, "technical rules" and "process planning" operations;
6. Always check the electrolytic degreasing section, annealing furnace, zinc pot, passive systems such as level, temperature, alkali concentration, chromium points, if not meet the technical requirements, should be adjusted to ensure that the quality of galvanized steel strip, reducing the generation of waste and defective products;
7. Strip frequently observed washing and drying, passivation, etc., in order to ensure the quality of hot-dip galvanized steel strip;
8. Observe all system pressure, such as abnormal, to timely treatment, non-empty load operation;
9. Add the configuration of each system liquid, be sure to wear a variety of liquid anti-labor protection products, to prevent the operator on the harm caused by the body;
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