Steel coal production capacity to inter-ministerial joint conference

Coal to steel production is the highlight of the supply-side structural reforms, the main battlefield. This year has been the past seven months, the regional coal iron and steel production capacity to progress? What are the difficulties? How to ensure the task is completed this year?
Coal iron and steel industry to resolve excess capacity and national television and telephone conference turnaround development held on the 4th Ministerial Joint stressed China Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheet coal resolve excess capacity is a very complex task, the task is very arduous, time is pressing. To Last Stand determination and courage ton output capacity, the work firmly and realistically grasp the fine to ensure the successful completion of this year's objectives and tasks.
Capacity to progress how?
Reporters learned from the meeting, the first seven months of the completion of the coal production capacity to 38% of the annual task, iron and Pre-Painted Steel Coil production capacity to complete 47% of the annual task. Although progress has accelerated since July, compared with more than half the time, more than half of the requirements of the task is still some distance.
According to the production schedule, Yajian 2016 crude steel production capacity of around 45 million tons, 250 million tons of coal production capacity exit above.
The meeting noted that, overall, the progress of work to produce energy imbalance between regions. Slow progress in some places to complete the task, just started in some places, in some places the bulk of the task this year in the fourth quarter, or even 11 months and 12 months. A few areas of importance to the capacity to work, the urgency of lack of knowledge, fear of the capacity to affect economic development; the face of difficulties and challenges at work, lack of confidence, not much way, there is a fear of difficulty; some regions and enterprises because the steel coal prices rise, determined to capacity appeared shaken.
"These cases must pay close attention." Xu Shaoshi National Development and Reform Commission said.
What are the difficulties?
This year, with the capacity to work in advance, steel and coal prices rebounded. The meeting noted that the exclusion price volatility interference and influence, which is the remaining months of this year production capacity to issue that needs special attention.
"In this regard should remain sober-minded, steel coal prices rise mainly to the reduction of production capacity and the expected role of serious excess capacity fundamentals have not changed." Xu Shaoshi said that the first half of this year, steel consumption fell by 2.7%, coal consumption It fell 5.1%, do not have basic prices continue to rebound.
"Capacity to confidence and determination must not waver. To maintain concentration, and to exclude price fluctuations, firm capacity to do work. Otherwise, the two industries will be in trouble again, upgrade and optimize the restructuring will be impossible." He said.
The meeting pointed out, to production is a complicated systematic project, the placement of workers, etc. are key and difficult to resolve the debt problem. To complete the task this year, do not wait or else avoid not wait, according to local conditions, a business a policy. Stare earnestly look, one tube, immediately dry, no deadlines to be serious accountability.
How to ensure the task is completed this year?
Meeting urged all localities to take responsibility layers break down specific enterprise, project and responsible to ensure that each work, each time nodes have done was responsible for someone supervision, with no liability to fall; this should Yajian number of specific and clear to each device, each mine, with no loopholes and blind spots. Always make sure the beginning of August the responsibilities and tasks of compaction in place.
All localities should seriously promises made, according to signed letters of responsibility for the contents of the letter implement them. Inter-ministerial meeting has established a monthly production capacity to the system. All localities should promptly and seriously reported in accordance with the time node, both truthfully submit the results, but also the objective of the problem, so that both the newspaper "hi" also reported "worry."
"On the objectives and tasks to ensure the completion, would like to see an increase may not be decreased; the time frame for completion, can only schedule, would like to see in advance, can not be pushed back; on schedule, monthly reporting, public notification; the complete quality, production lines and equipment in the demolition of the customs should be in place to prevent fraud; on the responsibility to implement, must be clear to local governments, enterprises, responsible person "Xu Shaoshi said.
The meeting noted that the country may use any name in any way re-record new capacity steel project, all projects must be implemented for the record steel capacity replacement indicator to the public. Within three years to stop approving new coal projects, technological transformation projects of new capacity and increased capacity of nuclear projects, and resolutely prevent the production side by side Save.
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