Steel Group debt The basic floor plan

According to the new financial reports, Sinosteel basic floor plan debt, the relevant program has been submitted to the State Council, waiting for substantive progress.
Debt reform means that all countries establish a financial asset management company, the acquisition of non-performing assets of banks, the debtor-creditor relationship between banks and enterprises of the original, into a financial asset management companies and enterprises of the holding or holdings, and is holding relations, after debt converted to equity, debt service on the original into Angufenhong. From the late 1990s to the early 2000s, to clean up state-owned banks and corporate debt problems, China implemented the first round of debt reforms.
According to "China Business News" reported that "debt-equity swap program to discuss long twists and turns, has been reported to the State Council for consideration. But compared to the last round of debt-equity swap program, most experts agree that now may not be reported large-scale program , large-scale implementation, but on the trial by category to expand. "
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