Sichuan steel industry under the Challenge to break through?

In the China Galvanized Corrugated Roof Sheet industry oversupply environment, iron and Pre-Painted Steel Coil enterprises in Sichuan Province is facing overcapacity. Sichuan steel enterprises must take the national "three down a complement to a" policy train, time to find their own course of action for the healthy development of iron and steel enterprises in Sichuan and connection characteristics. To this end, Sichuan vanadium and titanium steel industry associations to actively plan the layout.
Recently, the "China Metallurgical News" reporter interviewed the Anshan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Chairman of Sichuan Vanadium and Titanium Pangang Group Steel Industry Association, Zhang Dade.
"China Metallurgical News" reporter: your long-term work in the field of vanadium and titanium steel, in terms of business management, technological innovation, has accumulated a wealth of experience, vanadium and titanium steel industry has its own unique insights, you know about the first half of 2016 steel prices were a review.
Zhang Dade: In the fourth quarter steel prices bottomed out in the first half of this year, steel prices there has been a wave of "temporary correction", and the volatility is relatively large; some preliminary resurgence of shutting down production capacity, average daily crude steel production up to historic highs. So let the future trend of steel price movements become more complex, but also to the capacity of the steel industry to bring more challenges.
At present, steel production capacity excesses contradictions have not been fundamentally resolved, the fundamentals of market oversupply has not changed, the steel industry has entered a transition pains, is to walk from the "de-production capacity," the way "to yield", this process will take some time. Iron and steel enterprises to maintain calm and cautious post-market situation, good long-term deal with the difficulties of preparation.
"China Metallurgical News" reporter: from "the capacity to go" to "to yield" process derived Pangang What can thrust?
Zhang Dade: "Sichuan Province to promote supply-side structural reforms to capacity plan" proposed to 2017 Sichuan Yajian to 4.2 million tons of crude steel production capacity, the total capacity of iron and steel remained at around 30 million tons. Panzhihua Iron and Steel as a central enterprises, and actively play an exemplary role in the elimination of backward production capacity, completely out of the part of steel production capacity, and to explore a successful model of the process of shutting down the implementation of the human resource optimization.
Currently, the Panzhihua Iron and Steel has a total phase-out of crude steel production capacity of 3.22 million tons, accounting for 23% of total capacity of Panzhihua. Among them, the June 2014 Xichang new steel industry shut down all steel production line, out of steelmaking capacity of 1.2 million tons; March 2015 closed down CSST smelting area and bar and wire rod production line, out of steelmaking capacity of 1.8 million tons; 2016 February closed down special long climb two or three production areas, out of the electric furnace steel production capacity of 220,000 tons.
"China Metallurgical News" reporter: What are Pangang action to upgrade to keep pace with the central rate?
Zhang Dade: central enterprises are the backbone and the backbone of the national economy, to be righteous and stronger, so good, bigger. Panzhihua Iron and Steel will conscientiously implement the "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" five development philosophy, and strive to achieve quality and efficiency upgrades, accelerate to build a world-class vanadium and titanium comprehensive utilization of resources companies, play good in the supply-side structural reforms in the leading role . Concrete action in the following areas:
First, a leading innovation development, firmly establish the "science and technology is Pangang Xing" concept to accelerate breakthroughs in comprehensive utilization of resources of vanadium and titanium and vanadium and titanium, iron and steel industry development of core technology, relying on major scientific and technological achievements to lead the restructuring and development of enterprises, the top priority is to strive to 3 years to basically achieve high titanium slag mention industrial projects.
Second, deepening reform-driven development, increase the focus areas and key links reform, the implementation of human resource optimization, accelerate change their operational mechanism, to build a dynamic, highly efficient, more open institutional mechanisms.
Third, adjust the structure to optimize the development, asset-light approach taken to improve the strategic layout of vanadium and titanium steel industry to further enhance the level and efficiency of resource use; liberalize the non-steel industry, relying on the "Internet +" foster strategic emerging industries, to create new profit growth pole.
Fourth, the quality and efficiency upgrading and development, to grasp the "two key": one is the main vanadium and titanium, vanadium and titanium comprehensive utilization of resources to build industry-wide ecosystem; the other is doing fine steel, and become the most competitive region the profitability of steel companies.
Fifth, adhere to green development, promote energy conservation, recycling and clean production, ecological civilization construction enterprises.
"China Metallurgical News" reporter: Now countries are calling for the central enterprises "fitness and health" quality and efficiency, which Panzhihua or other companies to pass what information? Panzhihua Iron and Steel has taken action?
Zhang Dade: Currently, there is a main industry is not strong, overstaffing, low efficiency, especially multi-level management and corporate, large number of sub-companies and other outstanding issues part of the central enterprises. National arrangements of the central enterprises "fitness and health" quality, efficiency, and clearly put forward four specific initiatives. First, to promote structural adjustment, loss-making enterprises to carry out special treatment to accelerate the restructuring and integration of market clearing, bigger and stronger and excellent primary industry; Second, innovation and Fitness, implement public entrepreneurship and innovation, greatly enhance the capability of independent innovation ; Third, compression management level, a substantial streamlining of legal entities, state-owned assets supervision and administration functions of the transition, according to law shall be owned by independent business decisions at the corporate matters; Fourth is to cost efficiency and strengthen cost control, the central enterprises to promote and revitalize the machine. Its purpose is to give full play to market allocation of resources decisive role in promoting the central enterprises to deepen reform, structural adjustment, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, which pointed out the direction for the central enterprises reform and development.
Panzhihua practices mainly in six aspects. First, strengthen the implementation of science and technology thriving enterprise strategy, a clear three main directions, namely "heavy rail world-class, continuous leading domestic first-class automotive sheet, southwest best, blast furnace slag mention titanium industry, build the whole eco-industrial chain." The second is to promote the optimization of human resources reform, in accordance with the "overall planning, step by step, a business a policy, do not break the bottom line" ideas, smooth triage personnel since 2014, more than 20,000 people, planned by the end of 2017 the number of employees 40,000 people in control so, compared with the end of 2014 fell more than 50%. Third, the loss-making enterprises to carry out special treatment, has closed down CSST other units do not have the market competitiveness of the production line, focus on the development of vanadium and titanium steel industry and boutique. Fourth, institutional innovation, the implementation of some units to select "autonomous, independent operation, self-development" model pilot control, full activation of endogenous power sub-branch. Fifth, to expand the strategic emerging industries, the use of CSST stock of land, build a "high-end manufacturer of wisdom, and cross-border electricity supplier electricity suppliers' base, Integrated Micro things together has become the Southwest's largest steel electricity supplier. Sixth, strict implementation of market Forced mechanism, to take "routine + revolutionary" Jagged cost efficiency measures, reducing the rate for three consecutive years of more than 14%.
"China Metallurgical News" Reporter: What do you have a view on the steel industry consolidation and reorganization?
Zhang Dade: Speed SOE reform, consolidation and reorganization usher in the peak period, Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel has been officially launched a strategic restructuring, visible steel industry consolidation and reorganization in accelerating the pace. Kawauchi steel prices from the current point of view, both facing the survival and development of the common problems facing disorderly market competition contradictions, so urgently start Sichuan steel industry consolidation and reorganization, and shall be put on the agenda.
First, the joint reorganization is an important measure national implementation of supply-side structural reforms, Sichuan Province, the steel industry overcapacity to resolve conflicts, the only way to achieve sustainable and healthy development. Secondly, consolidation and reorganization to adhere problem-oriented, must proceed from the actual local conditions, facilities strategy, select the appropriate ways and methods. Again, consolidation and reorganization to adhere to market principles, in a "market-driven, independent and voluntary", the main role to play good business. Finally, the joint reorganization to strengthen the role of government. Joint reorganization involving aspects of the problem, the local government's guiding role is particularly important, especially in terms of debt restructuring, tax, personnel placement, etc., can not do without government support.
"China Metallurgical News" Reporter: Speaking of consolidation and reorganization of steel enterprises in Sichuan, think of the recent meeting in Sichuan vanadium and titanium steel industry association of two steel enterprises in Sichuan summit on how you define the two summits of the significance and role? Do you think, what differences exist in Sichuan steel companies and steel companies along the coast?
Zhang Dade: I think the two summits of keywords, you can use the "competing" and "share" these two words summarize, the meeting reached a basic agreement of intent "heating, consultation and cooperation, inclusive and open," the formation of a " mutual respect, mutual support, self-weight, exchanges, "the consensus. Strengthening cooperation between the iron and steel enterprises, cooperative, coordinated development, to ensure the healthy operation of the market, I hope the Government to increase efforts to rectify and friends in the media to increase the intensity of supervision, business associations within the industry itself to increase the self-regulation efforts.
Differences Sichuan steel companies and steel companies along the coast is mainly reflected in three aspects: First, some of China's iron and steel enterprises need to address not only the issue of steel products itself, but also involves the implementation of the national development strategy. Panxi strategic resources such as national resource, Panzhihua Panxi resources as the vanguard of innovation and development, which has an important influence on the healthy development of the national strategic layout, the central and local governments need to give attention and support. Second, the prevalence of iron and steel enterprises in Sichuan "deficiencies" in the finance, transport, electricity and gas costs higher, compared with coastal cities, exacerbating Sichuan steel enterprises to participate in market competition comparative disadvantage. Third, the iron and steel enterprises in Sichuan in the country "along the way" strategy and high-speed rail "going out" strategy also has a place, especially in the Panzhihua Iron and Steel is a national high-speed rail "going out" an important support strategy.
In short, Sichuan Steel 'high production costs, small business accounting, accounting major local economic rights ", a net importer of steel or Sichuan provinces, the government needs to give" differentiated industrial policy, "especially on the elements of cost to intensify support to compensate Sichuan steel enterprises "deficiencies."
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