River Steel Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Taiwan's China Steel Corporation

River Steel Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Taiwan's China Steel Corporation and United Group
As one of the important activities of the fifth line of cum Hebei Taiwan economic cooperation and cultural exchanges Week, October 23, the Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Taiwan's China Steel Corporation, and United Group signed a strategic cooperation letter of intent. Vice Governor Zhang Jiehui attended the signing and speech activities, the Group Chairman Yu Yong, chairman of China Steel Corporation Song Zhiyu, United Group chairman Lin Yi Shou representing the two sides sign.
Provincial Deputy Secretary-General Yang accounted for, the provincial Department of Industry Minister Zouping, Provincial Department of Culture party secretary Wang from Hunan, Zhang Fujian Provincial Committee Party History Research Office, Provincial Counselor director Zhanwen Hong, deputy director of the Provincial Development and Reform Party Xiaolong, Taiwan Province Deputy Director Guo do if given, Group Vice President Wang Hongren and other relevant leaders attended the signing ceremony.
Zhang Jiehui in the Steel Group and the signing ceremony pointed out that this line of cum Hebei Taiwan economic cooperation and cultural exchange week a very important element is to visit China Steel Corporation. Prior to that, I went to China Steel Corporation and its companies had access to the charcoal, gave me a deep impression. Many aspects of its high production efficiency, sophisticated site management, leading the development of philosophy and other non-steel are very worthy of our study.
Zhang Jiehui noted that river and Steel Group and Steel Company signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, is a good opening. The future of the two sides should further strengthen cooperation in three aspects: First, the framework agreement in accordance with the direction of the guidelines, in terms of equipment, technology and product quality, variety, both sides will strengthen exchanges, learn from each other and achieve common improve; the second is to strengthen the non-steel cooperation in industrial areas, River Steel Group to steel companies through the exchange of learning, and further the non-steel industry bigger and stronger; Third River Steel Group and Steel Group, the two companies to achieve powerful combination, in production, strengthen all aspects of sales, marketing strategies and other cooperation, and enhance the influence of the steel market, achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.
Yu Yong pointed out in his speech, the steel company is very popular among respected companies in the world steel industry, whether it is equipment, technologies and products, or the marketing concept and management, steel companies are concentrated in the world's most essential part of the steel industry, for the same industry set an example. Currently, River Steel Group is pushing product upgrades, structural adjustment, enhance their overall competitiveness. Yu Yong said the two sides as the sides of the steel companies have highly complementary, for their own growth, to the value of the future, both sides should join hands. River Steel Group will in the development of non-steel steel companies, energy saving and emission reduction, information technology, to provide more opportunities, but also hope to get strong support in steel companies in technology, management at all levels.
Song Zhiyu pointed out in his speech, Vice Governor Zhang Jiehui very pleased delegation to Taiwan, contributed to this time of the exchange. More pleased to be able with the River Steel Group strategic cooperation. Steel Company and the River Steel Group has many years of exchanges, the steel crown steel Tangshan Iron and Steel Company and the river, river steel stone steel have friendly exchanges, I believe that the signing of this strategic cooperation framework agreement will further promote bilateral relations.
Under the agreement, China Steel Group and the company followed the concept of mutually beneficial cooperation, formed a strategic partnership with depth. The two sides will carry out exchange of experience and cooperation in the field of enterprise operations management, human resources management, energy, environmental protection, metallurgy technology and equipment, information technology and automation of the depth of application, as well as non-steel industry, and ultimately realize complementary advantages, win-win development. Meanwhile, both sides determined to establish cooperation and coordination offices, the establishment of regular communication, learning, exchange of visits, and mutual future cooperation issues to create the most favorable terms and treatment, together forming a new development advantages.
Steel is the largest steel company, information technology and automation level Taiwan among the best in the world.
Group and United Group before the signing ceremony, Vice Governor Zhang Jiehui his party inspected the headquarters of United Group and its meaning large hospitals, the two sides held talks exchanges.
In his speech, Zhang Jiehui first United Group for the rapid development of non-steel industry in education, health care and other areas and strong influence highly. He pointed out that this came to Taiwan could feel the rapid development of United Group in recent years. Over the years, the river Stainless Steel Company and Tangshan Iron and Steel United Group's Ye Hui company has been very good cooperation in the supply of downstream products, an important objective of this trip is hoped to further deepen the level of cooperation the two groups. We hope the two sides signed a strategic cooperation letter of intent to this as a starting point and an opportunity to enhance the competitive advantage of both sides to create a win-win situation as the goal to expand the scope of cooperation, expand cooperation areas, opened a new chapter in the River Steel Group and United Group co.
Yu Yong in the talks noted that United Group sharp market reach, cutting-edge steel service concept, as well as achievements in the field of steel service, iron and steel deep processing and pluralistic development achieved, the interpretation of an international conglomerate of industrial entities profound Interpretation. United Group will extend the industrial chain to the middle and lower reaches, specialization, market segmentation, personalized customer service, and many other ideas and practices provide us learn ideas. River Steel Group focused on enhancing the competitiveness of the industry chain, acquired the world's largest provider of home appliances Haier Group's steel plate. Next, the transformation and upgrading efforts will continue to increase, the focus will be gradually incorporated into the river downstream steel Steel Group's future development. We hope the two sides to further expand cooperation in space together for the development of the steel industry to make new and greater contributions.
Shou Lin, vice governor of Zhang Jiehui, Yu Yong, chairman of his party visit a warm welcome. He outlined the United Group iron and steel industry and health care, education, real estate and other non-steel industry development strategy and further development, and recalled the United Group's Ye Hui company and Tangshan Iron and Steel Stainless Steel River in recent years, cooperation History. He expressed confidence that we will cooperate to further promote the global level after the Group's strategy in Hegang, meaning the joint efforts of the two groups linking the two sides will win a better future.
Under the agreement, the Group and the principle of equality and mutual benefit United Group, complementary advantages, further cooperation in the steel industry to achieve all-round, wide-ranging and multi-level, build trust, understanding, win-win strategic partnership, give full play to both sides have technology and equipment advantages, jointly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. It covers four areas of bilateral cooperation, "to deepen bilateral cooperation ties," "high-end steel products development and market development," "high-level exchanges and personnel training," "investment cooperation."
Since 2008, Taiwan's Yieh United Group Hui company started cooperation with the River Don Steel Stainless steel, as of October this year, the business volume totaled 2,000,000 tons.
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