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Internship is to exercise personal comprehensive ability

Internship is to exercise personal comprehensive ability. As a new era of new youth should learn to work as an important way to keep motivated. I like this diploma is not high, people, and my heart there is a very keen sense of, understand their requirements and the needs of society, because now graduate employment, especially for the average person like myself, more time is Social Occupation choose their own interviews, more than their own to choose a career, this should be called first job then career of it. So we will put positive attitude, first-round development in the company, so over again to see which side proficient and development efforts in that direction.
In practice, we will come into contact with many workers having superior technology, and in the workshop, they are seniors, is the master, we are just a group of young people to society, in the master's lead, we learned a lot of things that are not on the books, before we are nothing, and now we're face to catch up. "In college learning is not knowledge, but a self-learning ability is called." After working to deeply understand the meaning of this sentence. Theoretical knowledge in school textbooks rarely used. In this era of information explosion, to update their knowledge quickly, certainly by the original bit of knowledge is not enough. We must be diligent hands slowly pondering at work, continuous learning continue to accumulate. Encountered do not know where, first trying to solve their own, it is not possible humbly ask others to draw their own useful aspect, but no self-learning ability of people to be eliminated sooner or later, business and society. So we have to continue to learn and improve theoretical knowledge.
In the workshop we know from the beginning of equipment, commissioning participating devices, site clearance work Methodist, which allow us to learn more systematic knowledge of the production line, to understand the HDG related production processes, and thus more systematic study of the production of knowledge, continue to learn to absorb the production of knowledge, leaving valuable experience for future work. In the information age, learning is constantly learn new information, gain momentum and progress. As a young comrades should learn to work as an important way to keep motivated. Serious efforts to learn, regardless learned more than less, humbly ask the master, attitude is critical, internship and perhaps more difficult, but also has its fun, constantly looking for interest, which like the production of hot-dip galvanizing plant . Go to work, actual work, learning theory, social knowledge, and use advanced theory to arm the mind with knowledge to enhance the sophisticated capabilities to a broad range of social knowledge and expand their horizons. Similarly, a person's value is achieved through practical activities, and only through practice can train a person's quality, Chang is the people's will.
From the school to the community, the problem faced is the primary role of conversion. From a student who is transformed into a unit, at the level of ideas, we must recognize that there are large differences between the social roles of both. Student simply learn, and social practice it means to continue learning and knowledge into practice, in the actual experience of painstaking work and life, and be conscious of this role change
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