China, India to determine the margin of dumping of hot-rolled sheet

India's Ministry of Commerce determination, self China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Brazil and Indonesia imports of hot-rolled sheet provisional dumping margin.
Indian anti-dumping and co Directorate General of Customs (DGAD) in the survey said that the Indian domestic steel industry has suffered damages of dumping of these countries, the proposed dumping margin of 25% -160%. Among them, the hot rolled steel Hyundai lowest dumping margin of 20% -30%, China's highest dumping margin of 70% -80%. In addition, Hyundai China Galvanized Corrugated Roof Sheet hot rolled plate of anti-dumping margins of up to 150% -160%, Brazil 25% -35%, the lowest plate.
DGAD proposed to introduce anti-dumping duties of HRC $ 474 / ton, Hot Rolled Steel Coil and plate at $ 557 / ton. Will determine whether the duties retroactively at the time of the final ruling.
April 11, Steel Authority of India should apply for JSW Steel Ltd. and Essar Steel Ltd., India has launched hot-rolled sheet from the anti-dumping investigation. Specific products involved no more than 2100 mm in width, a thickness of not more than 25 mm hot rolled coil, and a width of not more than 4950 mm, hot-rolled steel sheet thickness not exceeding 150 millimeters.
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