Hunan 2016 steel production capacity to complete the task ahead

August 12 morning, with the key production line equipment is affixed seal, CERI (Xiangtan) Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as "heavy Hunan MCC") 50-ton electric furnace sealed shut. This marks Hunan 2016 steel production capacity to complete the task ahead.
This year, the capacity to become the province to promote supply-side reform a top priority. After the country to resolve Pre-Painted Steel Coil industry overcapacity document issued, the province to develop the implementation plan, the establishment of the provincial steel industry overcapacity to resolve a turnaround Development Meeting System. In mid-May, the provincial government and the State signed a joint meeting to resolve inter-ministerial steel, coal industry surplus production target of responsibility. Subsequently, Valin Group and the "Hunan MCC heavy" were developed to resolve the overcapacity embodiment. August 5, Provincial Development and Reform Commission portal on the "Metallurgical Xiang heavy" Yajian 500,000 tons of steel production capacity situation to be publicized.
"MCC Xiang heavy" South Africa is the largest water-cooled ingot, roll, one large steel castings and Pressure Vessels slab production base, with smelting, heat treatment, such as a complete detection technology and equipment, with an annual output of 500,000 tons steel ingot , casting 20,000 tons capacity. Smelting system was put into operation in September 2009. Except for the manufacture of ingot casting furnace, mainly for the Valin Xiangtan Steel plate mill production facilities. Due to changes in the market and high cost of smelting and other reasons, the EAF system was completely shut down in May this year.
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