Hubei three-year plan Yajian crude steel production capacity of 2.99 million tons

Recently, the General Office of Hubei Provincial Government issued "Hubei steel industry to resolve the overcapacity plan" and "the coal industry in Hubei Province to resolve the overcapacity plan" put forward from the beginning of this year, with three years, crude steel production capacity of 2.99 million tons Yajian through 3-5 years of efforts, Yajian coal production capacity of 8 million tons.
Yajian year, 2.28 million tons of crude Galvanized steel coil production capacity
Under the program, Hubei plan starting this year, with three years Yajian crude steel production capacity of 2.99 million tons (not including the Wuhan Iron and Steel Enterprises in Hubei pressure to cut energy), which Yajian 2.28 million tons in 2016, so that capacity utilization reached a reasonable level , significant improvement in economic efficiency of enterprises, product quality and high-end product supply capacity significantly enhanced.
Wherein, immediately shut down and dismantled 400 cubic meters and below blast furnace (except on "pig iron casting enterprises that standardize conditions" casting blast furnace), and below 30 tons of converter steel (alloy converter except), 30 tons and below refining EAF (except steel furnace) and other backward production facilities. Increase corporate law producer of efforts to deal with the behavior of steel to scrap as a raw material, the use of frequency and intermediate frequency induction furnace smelting, refining equipment not supporting the capacity required by law to withdraw in accordance with regulations.
At the same time, strict control of new capacity. All localities and departments may use any name or by any means record steel production capacity of the project, shall not apply for the supply of land, energy assessment, the EIA approval and additional credit support and other related services. By the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other related departments that belong really necessary construction projects, we must strictly enforce the requirements of the relevant documents, the implementation of capacity reduction replacement. Capacity replacement project must completely withdraw from the replacement of production capacity and project construction procedures in place only after the construction. We have enjoyed rewards and subsidies and policy support exit capacity may not be exchanged.
The allocation of land for iron and steel production capacity exit can be transferred according to law or by the local government to recover, local government allocated land to recover the original land use right transfer income after provisions can be arranged through the budget to cover the production capacity out of corporate employee relocation costs. Steel production capacity of industrial land after the withdrawal, in conformity with the urban and rural planning, can be used for converting the development of tertiary industry, local government land revenue collected, according to the provisions by the budgetary arrangements for the placement of workers and debt disposal.
Exit plans to close 80 coal mines
Under the program, Hubei plan starting this year, through 3--5 years of efforts, the province's coal production capacity of 8 million tons Yajian; Close to exit the coal mines 80, and strive to 100; the proper placement of employees 15429 people. Among them, this pressure can cut 4 million tons; 2017 pressure cut 2 million tons; 2018 pressure cut 2 million tons.
Chief among eliminate backward production capacity and other production capacity does not comply with industrial policies, such as the production capacity of less than 90,000 tons / year coal mine; do not meet safety and quality standards three standard coal; super-layer cross-border refuses to return to production or construction of coal mines; 150,000 tons / year and less and there is a greater and more production safety accidents in coal mines, and the use of state banned the use of mining methods, processes and technological transformation of coal mines can not be implemented.
Also, starting this year, three years to stop approving new coal projects, technological transformation projects of new capacity and capacity increase nuclear program. Approved renovation project has not started construction over three years is no longer as in the construction project. Do need new coal mines will be implemented reduction replacement. It has started construction renovation projects in the province to resolve the overcapacity in the balance. Mechanization transformation new production capacity, reduction replacement will be implemented locally.
To this end, we are supporting the development of a series of supportive policies. For example, the closure of coal mines to implement industrial restructuring, shall be given with respect to land, finance, taxes, and other special funds to support the development of the county and promotions. Among them, the allocation of land after the coal production capacity out, can be transferred by law or by the local government to recover. Local government transfer income to recover the original land use rights after, according to the provisions arranged through the budget of production capacity out of corporate employee relocation costs. For land clearance complete vacated land conversion for the production of services, and other countries to encourage the development of the industry, can continue to use the original type of land rights and land use within five years.
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