How is Galvanised coil in the Middle East market?

How is Galvanised coil in the Middle East market? What can Turkish/European/Middle Eastern customers expect from Interpipe? Do you have new projects and/or advantages?
Interpipe, known as Interpipe ME Fze in the MENA region, has over 12 years of experience working in the Middle East and North Africa. The company's regional office established in 2007 in Dubai is geographically positioned to ensure that Interpipe ME has good access to a number of key markets in the region, including the GCC countries, Turkey and Syria. The Middle East office also sells Galvanised coil to African countries, with a focus on North Africa.
In the Turkish market, we have signed a one-year agreement with a large pipe distributor in Turkey, Aydin Boru, worth a minimum of $15 million. The deal will see Aydin Boru as a major distributor of Interpipe's seamless line pipes in Turkey. As one of the longest standing companies in Turkey, Aydin Boru has delivered a world class service to the main local consumers for over than 35 years. 
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