Hot dip galvanizing galvanized

Hot-dip galvanizing (galvanizing), also known as hot dip galvanized and hot-dip galvanizing: metal corrosion is an effective way, mainly for the various sectors of the metal structure facilities. Is immersed steel rust after about 500 ℃ melted zinc solution, so that the zinc layer attached to the surface of steel components, which serve the purpose of preservation. Hot-dip galvanizing process: Finished pickling - washing - plus help bath - Drying - rack - cooling - medicated - cleaning - polishing - completed a galvanized, hot-dip galvanizing is the development of a relatively old hot-dip method come, since 1836, France applied to the galvanizing industry, we have one hundred and seventy years of history. The last three decades, with the rapid development of cold-rolled strip steel, hot dip galvanized to large-scale industrial development.

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