Guizhou coal iron and steel industry to resolve the overcapacity

August 8, the province's coal iron and Galvanized steel coil industry overcapacity to resolve a turnaround promote the development of the site will be held in Liupanshui. Reporters learned from the conference this year, Watertown Mining Co. mine will be out of the seat 2, namely that Romania Shengyuan Coal and Coal Mine Well Walled area, resolve excess capacity 1.32 million tons / year; this year will resolve water steel production capacity of 1.5 million tons, and strive 9 months ago 3 sets of 35 tons of converter steelmaking dismantling; 1,2 completed six blast stove demolition work in October.
Eliminated Block 2 Mine
In accordance with the target letters of responsibility with the State signed the province this year to complete Yajian China Galvalume Steel Sheet production capacity 2.2 million tons, 18.97 million tons of production capacity Yajian coal mines, coal mines close to exit 100 tasks. Since the survival and development related to two steel companies and 77 coal mining enterprises in the main, related to the vital interests of enterprise employees, all levels of government "in charge" overall responsibility, personally take to ensure the successful completion of this year's objectives and tasks.
According to Watertown Mining Co. chairman and party secretary Wang Qi introduced the company to produce coal washing and processing, existing staff of 2.7 million people, professional and technical personnel more than 6500 people. In 2016 the company intends to resolve the overcapacity 1.32 million tons / year (Shengyuan Coal 900,000 tons / year, Luo Village Coal Mine Well region 42 million tons / year).
Demolition three converter
According to Zhang Xinjian, general manager of Shougang Corporation water Gang, a steel production plant major equipment is 600 tons, 900 tons each one Mixer, 35 t BOF 3, three third-rate machine R6 whole arc of billet even casting machine 4, 1999, a steel-making production line produced 1.03 million tons of steel, the end of Guizhou Province no one million tons of steel history. As of October 2014 began shutting down, the cumulative production of 26,707,300 tons of steel.
The water capacity of 1.5 million tons of steel resolve, capacity from 5 million tons was changed to 350 million tons, shunt placement of personnel 10696 people, mainly through paid to terminate the contract, the replacement of labor and employment, job transfer and early retirement, etc., focusing on compression two organs, according to the law in accordance with regulations to carry out a substantial streamlining of internal organization.
According to the provincial government "bottom two" and Liupanshui municipal government's "three strategic actions" the development requirements, and strive to complete the steel-making steel water 3 sets of 35 tons of converter dismantling 9 months ago; 10 months ago 1 No. 2 blast furnace hot stove six demolition work, enhance the transformation and upgrading of the diversified development of new momentum, full integration into the Liupanshui in Guizhou Province and the overall situation of local economic development strategies.
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