Galvanized steel coil at room temperature tensile test method

2 Normative references
The following documents contain provisions which, through this standard reference and become the standard terms. For dated references, all subsequent amendments (excluding corrections) or revisions do not apply to this standard, however, encourage the possibility of using the latest versions of these files according to the parties to reach an agreement on this standard . For undated reference documents, the latest versions apply to this standard.
GB / T 222-2006 finished steel chemical composition and permissible variations
GB / T 228-2002 metallic materials at room temperature tensile test method
GB / T 1839-2008 quality steel products galvanizing layer test method
GB / T 2975-1998 mechanical properties of steel and steel products - Location and preparation of test samples
GB / T 4336-2002 carbon steel and low alloy steel spark source atomic emission spectrometry methods (conventional method)
GB / T 5027-2007 Metallic materials - Sheet and strip of plastic strain ratio (r value) were measured
Determination of GB / T 5028-2008 Metallic materials - Sheet and strip tensile strain hardening exponent (n value)
GB / T 8170-2008 numerical repair represents about rules and limit values and judgment
GB / T 20066-2006 Determination of the chemical composition of steel and iron sampling and preparation of samples for use
GB / T 20123-2006 Steel - Determination of total carbon and sulfur content of the high-frequency induction furnace combustion infrared absorption method (conventional method)
Inductively coupled plasma atomic GB / T 20125-2006 low alloy multi-element content of emission spectrometry
Determination of GB / T 20126-2006 non-alloy steel of low carbon content - Part 2: After induction furnace (preheated) within combustion infrared absorption method
Q / BQB 400 cold-rolled products, packaging, labeling and inspection documents
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