Galvanized steel coil Inspection and Testing

Inspection and Testing
8.1 steel sheet and strip appearance was visually inspected.
8.2 steel sheet and strip size, shape using the appropriate measurement tool. Thickness measurement site is from the edge of not less than 20mm at any point.
8.3 r value is calculated at 15% strain of uniform elongation is less than 15%, the uniform elongation strain value by the end of the calculation. n value is within 10% to 20% strain range calculated, when uniform elongation is less than 20%, the calculated strain range of 10% to the end of the uniform elongation.
8.4 steel sheet and strip shall be granted inspection, each inspection lot is not more than 30 tons of the same grade, the same zinc layer weight, same size, same surface structure and surface treatment of steel composition.
8.5 each batch of steel sheet and strip of test items, the number of samples, sampling methods and test methods shall be in accordance with Table 19.
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