Feng Hsin hikes rebar and scrap purchasing prices by NT$ 200 per ton

Major Taiwanese long steel product manufacturer-Feng Hsin Iron and Steel Co. has decided to increase its scrap purchasing prices for the current week. Meantime, the company has also decided to increase its rebar prices. On the other hand, steel section base price will remain flat during the week.

According to the company press release, scrap purchasing prices will see a hike of NT$ 200 per ton when compared with the previous week. The scrap purchasing prices for the week will range between NT$ 4,900 per ton and NT$ 5,400 per ton, Feng Hsin press release stated.

The list prices of rebar will see a hike of NT$ 200 per ton during the current week. The price for the week will be at NT$ 11,400 per ton. The rebar list prices had averaged at NT$ 11,200 per ton during the previous week. The price for section steel during the week will be in the range of NT$ 16,500 per ton, remaining unchanged from the previous week prices.

Feng Hsin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd is a Taiwanese company principally engaged in the manufacture, processing and distribution of iron and steel products. It is one of the largest steel long products manufacturers in Taiwan.

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