Feeding station for safe operation

Feeding station for safe operation:
1. Before lifting the coil, the coil entrance forbidden to stand on the saddle;
2. The volume must be confirmed on the front entrance of coil car lifting and traversing without runaway phenomenon, skateboarding prohibited entry coil car station or loading;
3. The inner diameter of the coil unwinding, oval or partial projections, when the roll insertion difficulties forced into prohibited;
The device operation is prohibited near, we must pay attention to the surrounding environment when dealing with unwinding problem, you must wear gloves when manual intervention and ensuring the safety unwinding premise;
5. Do not touch the coil is in operation, shall not enter the strip coil gap observed between Taiwan and the guide plate;
6. It is forbidden to walk on the device and transmission parts and rotating parts of the strip;
7. They should contact each other when the job is to run the device pay attention to whether someone on the platform jobs Notes fall;
8. Driving lifting objects and people driving distance of 3 to 5 meters;
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