Export segment post safety procedures

Export segment post safety procedures:
1. Do not touch strip in the export of equipment operation;
2. The take-up and storage areas can not arbitrarily stop weight;
Must pay close attention to signals 3. coiling unloading and in-kind, once the center position of the coil changes should cease operation immediately;
Tailed closely positioned state 4. sub-volumes prevent tailed positioning allowed, prohibited by hand or foot touches the strip in coil car is running;
5. When the treatment of waste steel strap and cleaning work at the outlet section rolling machine operator must notify the main section of the drive power supply is disconnected export, lock panel, put up warning signs, and a supervised, processed Polytechnic minder position in order to reach the delisting, the panel unlocked the main operation of the emergency stop reset and notification;
6. To manually when the outlet section clip strip, pay attention to wear gloves to prevent cuts. 7. Artificial drawing board must wear gloves, feet away from the roller;
8. repairs must be added to the safety pin scissors and personal care;
9. Confirm the coil before adhesive label put stability;
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