European sheet mills plan to raise prices

European sheet mills are brewing summer after the price increases, price increases may occur in September, although prices are expected to rise, but the market is still quiet.
European Service Center said local and imported steel spreads narrowed further, to the European Commission to start anti-dumping investigation HRC import offers so uncompetitive steel order situation improved, the basis for the price increases. Currently mills quote service center received rose by € 10 / tonne, which indicates that the Galvanized steel coil price increases have been well prepared, it will also reverse the price increase since the end of May the market slightly downward trend.
Some of the major European steel orders have been routed in the fourth quarter, then do not rush to a new offer, and some small China Galvanized Corrugated Roof Sheet mills sent to Germany HRC price of € 400-410 / ton, steel prices in some large 420 -430 euros / ton.
Allegedly, the Nordic local market price and import Antwerp spread less than 15 euros / tonne, while last year spread over 30 euros / tonne.
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