Entrance post safety rules

Entrance post safety rules:
1. Before induction dressed all PPE;
2. The raw material should be in accordance with the steel strip, specifications neatly stacked against the failure can not be smooth, to prevent injury;
3. When the roll uncoiler, coil unwinding bore a small car should be strictly on the uncoiler reel, coil against the failure to prevent injuries;
4. raw steel coil head and tail welding should be strictly in accordance with welding procedures, welding quality and strict inspection, to prevent poor quality welding Broken Steel;
5. The unit should be stocked entry looper strip material during the operation in order to have enough time to replace the coil welding;
6. overhaul or must stop dealing with failure and listed maintenance, set up special monitoring;
7. In the event of an accident alarm must be promptly shut down, in the absence of a signal can not be accurately run the boot;
8. scissors repair must be added the safety pin, can not touch the plate when the scissors action;
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