EU on China-oriented silicon steel levy definitive anti-dumping duty

EU on China-oriented silicon steel levy definitive anti-dumping duty
EU final decision on the import from China and other five countries of oriented silicon steel began to impose anti-dumping duties for a period five years, the Chinese tax rate of 21.5% -36.6%, also including Japan 35.9% -39.0%, South Korea 22.5%, Russia 21.6% and the United States 22.0 percent. May 14 this year, the EU has for the five country-oriented silicon steel imposed a period of six months of the provisional anti-dumping duties.
The European Commission said the survey found that low-priced imports have caused to local mills "serious damage" to compete with imported products and maintain market share, local mills have been forced to lower prices and lower than the production cost. By the 12-month period ending in June 2014, China's share of exporters and other five countries in the EU-oriented electrical steel market in 2011 compared with an increase of three percentage points, up to 48.3%. At the same time, down to the EU producers' market share up to 58.4 percent from 57.6 percent the highest.
Currently the total EU market is estimated at 400 million euros (about 450 million US dollars), in 2013 the EU-oriented electrical steel consumption reached 331,000 tons, of which imports 150,000 tons, imports accounted for 45.3 per cent share of the local market. But considering the potential damage to the terminal electronic device manufacturing requirements, as well as end-user products do not harm competitiveness and investment in the industry, the European Commission also provides the minimum import price. Press the following three categories of minimum import price set: maximum core loss 0.9W / kg to € 2,043 / tonne, 0.9-1.05W / kg to € 1873 / ton, more than 1.05W / kg to € 1536 / ton. If the tax is equal to or higher than the import price specified minimum import price, then exempt from anti-dumping duties.
Steel Union data show that in 2014 China's exports to Europe electrical steel sheets of 6.5 million tons this year 1--9's exports 41,000 tons, the EU anti-dumping tax levy will ultimately have an impact Chinese exports.
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