EU-28 crude steel production declined 7.5% in November

 According to the recent data published by the World Steel Association (World steel), the crude steel production by EU-28 countries declined by 7.5% during the month of November year-on-year. The output by the region totaled 13.160 Million tonnes during the month.

Germany recorded the highest output during the month of November. The country produced 3.482 Million tonnes during the month, which is slightly lower by 3.1% when compared with the country’s output of 3.592 Million tonnes during November 2014. On a year-on-year basis, Croatia recorded the biggest jump in production. The crude steel output by Croatia surged higher to 5,000 tonnes when matched with zero production during the same month a year before. The lowest output too was by Croatia.

Croatia, Finland, Greece, Italy and Poland recorded increased year-on-year crude steel production. The UK recorded the biggest decline in crude steel output during November ‘15, falling by 32.6% when compared with the previous year.

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The following table provides cumulative crude steel output for the first eleven months in 2015 in comparison with those during same period in 2014.

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