Development and Reform Commission announced the first half of the operation of the steel industry

The first half of the national output of 399.56 million tons of crude steel, down 1.1% year on year decline narrowed by 0.2 percentage points; production of 559.92 million tons of Galvanized steel coil, an increase of 1.1% year on year growth rate down 0.9 percentage points. Coke production 215.77 million tons, down 4.4%, a decline of one percentage point year on year to expand. Ferroalloy production of 17.42 million tons, down 0.7% year on year decline narrowed by 2 percentage points. Steel exports 57.12 million tons, an increase of 9%; imports of 6.46 million tons, down 2.8%. Imported 493.74 million tons of iron ore, an increase of 9.1%. Coke export 4.75 million tons, an increase of 1.7%.
Steel prices drop the previous month. In June, the domestic market steel price index averaged 68.31 points, down 7.34 points from last month, an increase of 0.18 points. 6.5mm high speed wire, 20mm plate average price was 2422 yuan / ton and 2467 yuan / ton, last month fell 249 yuan / ton and 242 yuan / ton, respectively, rose 2.9% and 6%. 1.0mm cold rolled coil average price of 3068 yuan / ton, last month fell 396 yuan / ton, down 0.1%.
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