Chinese economic growth in the long-term conditions

Xi Jinping met with business leaders to attend the seventh round of the Sino-US dialogue and the US on behalf of former senior officials
Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the seventh round of the 17th China-US business leaders and former US representative, met with senior officials dialogue.
Xi pointed out that the nature of Sino-US relations are mutually beneficial and win-win. The two countries in bilateral, regional and global levels to carry out mutually beneficial cooperation, not only brought tangible benefits to the two countries and peoples, but also for the region and the world peace, development and prosperity made important contributions. Looking ahead, the two sides should cooperate in the field and be able to cooperate will be more broad. China and the US have many important common interests, there are also some differences. As long as both the big picture, to respect and care for each other's core interests and avoid misunderstanding strategic miscalculation, adhere to a constructive manner and properly handle differences can get control, common interests can be maintained. We are committed to building a new type of Sino-US relations among major powers to work together with the United States. To achieve this goal, it will be fortunate peoples of the two countries, but also Fortunately, world peace and development.
Xi pointed out that China's economic growth among the highest in the world's major economies. China's economic slowdown current international concern, which is actually the result of our transformation of development mode, adjust the economic structure with pre-stimulus digestion of superposition. We will continue to comprehensively deepen reform and positive transformation of economic development, to allow the market to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, and better play to the role of government, and constantly improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth, and enhance the economic development potential. Chinese economy still has a huge potential leeway inherent toughness, perfectly placed in long-term growth.
Xi Jinping stressed that China and the US established diplomatic relations 36 years ago, the development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation between the two countries not only companies reaped huge profits and returns, but also a strong impetus to bilateral economic and social development, to achieve a win-win situation. The future of the two sides should strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination, to jointly promote global economic growth. China and the US as the world's two largest economies, has the responsibility to strengthen the lead on international economic cooperation, maintaining international financial stability and promoting global economic governance reforms, enhance long-term growth potential of the world economy. We should actively promote bilateral trade and investment facilitation. China will adhere to the reform and opening up policy. American business is the direct beneficiary of China's reform and opening up, I hope you will support a more positive attitude of China's reform and opening up.
Xi pointed out that invitation of President Obama, a few days I will visit the United States, I am willing to work with the president on major issues of common concern in-depth exchange of views and extensive contacts with the American society, and discuss bilateral relations development plan . I hope that the joint efforts of both sides, this visit will deepen the friendship between the two peoples, expand pragmatic cooperation in various fields and push bilateral relations to get new and greater development.
President of the US Chamber of Commerce Thomas Donohue, president of Shini Ze Steel Lundgren, former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, Chairman of the Brookings Institute and other representatives of the United States, spoke Thornton. They say the United States warmly welcome all walks of life and look forward to the upcoming state visit to the United States Chairman Xi Jinping, I believe this visit will further promote the development of bilateral relations. The United States as the two largest economies of the large and influential country in the world, face many common opportunities and challenges in the current situation, more interdependent. We need to show the world that the US and China can "and different", are working together to build stronger partnerships. US business community is to support the development of US-China relations firm force, actively committed to strengthening bilateral cooperation in the field of trade and investment, advocated an early conclusion of a bilateral investment treaty. US business community supports China launched the Asia Infrastructure investment banks and "along the way" initiative plays an important role in the global economy.
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