Baosteel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel to capacity survey

Xinhua News Agency August 4 consecutive published three articles, Baosteel, Maanshan Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel production capacity to investigate, respectively, from the industrial upgrading, people post adaptation, landing three policy perspective to the problems of the steel industry faced production capacity. The article says, is imperative to production, environmental protection, quality, safety, energy regulations, which must be hard up hard; good placement of workers, stripped of social functions, the software underpinning policy to sink.
"In the" plus "and" minus "Looking kinetic energy conversion ---- Baosteel, Maanshan Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel production capacity to one survey"
Billowing Yangtze Baosteel, Maanshan Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and three state-owned steel enterprises together. Proximity to the economically developed Yangtze River market, the face of national capacity to make sound-court press, half to three state-owned steel enterprises to production progress how? Reporter recently went to Baoshan Iron and Steel, Maanshan Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and interviews found that three companies through product upgrades , chain extension, transformation and development, the supply side of the force, prompting the supply system to better meet the needs of structural changes, looking to convert the kinetic energy in the "plus" and "minus", the realization of industrial upgrading.
Reduce excess capacity
Signed a military order, stop and resume production, that is able to fulfill the accountability ...... This year, to lead the charge capacity of the Aluzinc steel coil industry has been pushed to the cusp of public opinion. Maanshan Iron and Steel Group is located south of the Yangtze, Maanshan Iron and Steel shares of its holding our own, "the first iron and steel stocks," said. Maanshan Iron and Steel Plant in an iron No. 11 blast furnace stands quietly, rusty.
Since last year's fourth quarter, Maanshan Iron and Steel Group has closed down all safe and stable steel smelting production line Maanshan Iron & Steel (Hefei) Company. AG headquarters in addition to shutting down the seat 140-ton converter, but also shut down Tower 1 500 m3 blast furnace. Maanshan Iron & Steel Company closed down heavy machine base 115 tons, 20 tons Block 1 machinery casting furnace. Maanshan Iron and Steel Group's total production capacity of 2.22 million tons of iron exit, steel production capacity of 2.81 million tons.
Baosteel stainless steel production for 17 years has been officially shut down 2500 cubic meters of blast furnace, Baosteel Stainless will reduce annual production of 2.5 million tons of iron. July 12, Baosteel announced that the Baosteel Group plans 2016-- During 2018 Yajian steel production capacity of 9.2 million tons of excess, plus an additional Yajian planned steel production capacity. In fact, along with the recent decline in the steel situation, some of the steel companies have long initiative to eliminate backward production capacity. Wuhan Iron and Steel in the past decade have eliminated 4 million -500 ten thousand tons of high energy consumption, high cost, poor earnings capacity. Wuhan Steel shares in the 2015 General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 16, the Wuhan Iron and Steel Group chairman Ma Guoqiang said that this year, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group plans to exit iron production capacity 3.19 million tons, steel production capacity of 4.42 million tons.
In addition to individual enterprise to resolve excess capacity, mergers and acquisitions among China Color Coated Steel sheets prices are also seen as crucial to the capacity of a move. Baosteel Group general manager Chen Derong opinion, only improve industrial concentration, the efficiency of resource allocation in the steel industry will be significantly improved, Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel Joint, "both sides can produce something that can be out of some."
Increase effective supply
Steel side is serious excess capacity, while the high-end products dependent on imports. Language Industry winter, three major steel enterprises have to adjust product structure, strengthen effective supply and enhance market competitiveness. Unitary Baosteel cold rolling mill quality inspection stations cloud Wei, Baosteel participated in the 1990s built the first hot-dip galvanizing line series of transformation. Today, a similar production line, production unchanged, but its color coated substrate product from architectural, upgrades to the car board, and then upgrade to the ultra-high-strength steel automotive materials.
In the adjustment of product structure, Maanshan Iron and Steel Group will increase the technological input shaft, profiles, panels and other automotive products, nurture new growth momentum. Next 3--5 years, Maanshan Iron and Steel Group also plans to invest 7.7 billion yuan, the implementation of special steel wire rod processing, high heavy H-beam flange, motor car axle 10 key production line upgrade project, to enhance Magang axle, strip, three long steel products market competitiveness.
"Maanshan Iron and Steel wheels have 350 km test run on a 250 km high-speed railway, currently close to 400,000 kilometers, is expected to complete the assessment test at the end." Chairman of the board, general manager of Maanshan Iron and Steel shares assistant track equipment company Du Songlin to gradually replace imports with confidence. Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, based on its own characteristics, strengths and stronger Wuhan Iron and Steel in car panels, transmission electrical steel. The past six months, Wuhan Iron and Steel Electrical panel production car to reach 600 million tons in total share of more than a third.
Accelerate industrial restructuring
When in the past, China's steel enterprises lack awareness initiative to extend the area of steel downstream, go abroad "by the piece sell" fine line, because we do not understand the downstream demand is still "sell by volume" "Sell by truck," lead low value-added products. Today, the three steel companies are valued steel development services. And its own reality, to accelerate the pace of transformation.
This year, Maanshan Iron & Steel Group established 15 "Early Intervention Team Supplier", stationed in automobile plants, power plants, railways and other downstream steel plant business. Will intervene in the steel companies to do design, grasp customer needs accurately in advance. Baosteel is being transformed into state-owned capital investment company, the future of not only the production of steel, but also the development of the steel city services and new industries. In addition to steel service industry center, Baosteel also recently set up a new real estate and economic development of central city.
After the elimination of spare production capacity for industrial land, Baosteel is not simply to sell, but to the development of urban services. For example, after the steel sector restructuring, the vacated land to build a business park Wusong, the development of new materials, new energy, and 3D printing industry; after transformation on a steel plant, plans to build industrial museum; the abandoned blast building ideas space, office space.
"In the" go "and" left "and do people post adaptation ---- Baosteel, Maanshan Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel production capacity to investigate bis"
According to the State Department to arrange, "Thirteen Five" period, China will Yajian crude steel production capacity of 100 million to 150 million tons. Department who early data show that the system of steel production capacity to about 50 million people involved in the placement of workers. Xu Shaoshi, director of the National Development and Reform Commission at the Summer Davos forum, said this year's steel production capacity of 45 million tons going to need resettlement staff of 18 people. Staffing is not only related to the vital interests of the ten million workers, but also to determine the capacity of the smooth progress.
Steelworkers into traffic to persuade members of the government effort underpinning
Wearing a Little Red Riding Hood, waving a small red flag, standing traffic junctions persuade pedestrian traffic, maintain traffic order. From April this year, Jiang Qin professional identity on from Magang Hefei Iron and Steel Company workers, into Hefei Shushan traffic to persuade members of a civilization.
Jiang Qin said in the past round three hours a day crowded on the bus to work, now at the gates of duty, the monthly salary of at least 1,500 yuan, social security is also guaranteed, "I'm not very young, to be relocated to public service jobs, I am very satisfied."
Late last year, Magang Hefei Iron and Steel Company All steel smelting production line was shut down, involving nearly 5,000 employees. Hefei arrange local SASAC 11, the company offers more than 1,500 jobs, as well as thousands of public service jobs for workers provide a variety of placement options. As of June 16 end of the shunt placement, workers choose to 876 municipal enterprises, public service jobs to 434 people.
This year, the Wuhan trade unions, human society and other departments have organized two job fairs, recruiting nearly 500 enterprises to provide more than 15,000 jobs, mainly recruitment Wuhan Iron and Steel Workers. Reporters saw earlier in the recruitment site, recruitment booth full of people, many dressed in yellow WISCO tooling workers entering employment.
"WISCO more surplus workers, excellent professional skills, and now many companies just to technical positions link up recruitment difficulties." Wuhan and Social Council, said Li Yonghong, director of the human resources market, on the one hand the government to carry out special recruitment by organizing social enterprises, employee groups have the ability to provide employment shunt platform, on the other hand offer electricity providers, home economics and other skills training, assist to improve employability and entrepreneurial abilities, or providing full backing to public service jobs.
Identity Social Security will remain unchanged, corporate restructuring, together with staff
Shanghai Baosteel headquarters employs over 80,000 people, about 10,000 pre-shunt placement. Maanshan Iron and Steel plans to split this year 5,000 people. In the early shunt placement of 1.4 million people, based on the schedule this year, Wuhan Iron and Steel production capacity to around 1 million people involved in staffing. Reporters learned that, in addition to internal early retirement, internal placement, transfer the employment, enterprises did not forget their responsibilities, together with the staff restructuring. As an urban steel mills, both environmental impact, land use efficiency, or from the energy consumption indicators and overall costs, the pressure in the Baoshan Iron and Steel winter faced greater. Baosteel is the only way to upgrade, but the direction is one of "production integration of the city."
Chen Derong, general manager of Baosteel Group, said, "the capacity to placement of workers, can not collapse and disappear, workers must obtain a new space for development in the new economy, new industries." Baosteel on the use of the brand, credit, capital, and land resources advantage, carrying new industries, access to new value, so that employees have a new career, a new hope. In March this year, Baosteel Group held the first phase of "production city integration" business backbone training courses, 200 workers embark on a career change Baosteel development. "Capacity to placement of workers, can not collapse and disappear, workers must obtain a new space for development in the new economy, new industries."
In the throes of expectations and confused, trying to turn workers
Psychological gap, a single skill, employment threshold, long-term expectations, not only to a number of factors are staffing seriously suffering, but also to many employees in the post feel worried. However, we are in accordance with the changing situation, trying to turn around. Wuhan Iron and Steel strip factory workers Xiao Zhou, a university graduate to enter the Wuhan Iron and Steel. He told reporters that young people now do not think early work is to state-owned enterprises "iron rice bowl." Compared with the steel market is good now Wuhan Iron and income was almost cut, it is important not know when the industry bottomed out. It stuck with its better to gamble, to seek better development.
56-year-old PR China, last year completed the "WISCO workers" to "express train driver" role change. Now, in addition to running his income drops Express, as well as a monthly payment of 1,000 yuan living workshop, Wuhan help pay five insurance payments to his retirement, "basic monthly income to catch up with the best benefits when the Wuhan Iron and Steel."
Didi travel "to move travel support key production province reemployed Report" recently released by the end of May, the driver drops from the steel industry totaled 21.9 million. Didi trip also revealed that the platform drops registered owner of Wuhan, there are 7,000 people from Wuhan Iron and Steel, which is split into three employees. Maanshan Iron and Steel Company in Hefei shunt placement of employees, there are 900 people choose their own businesses, the total number of staffing ratio close to 20%.
"In the" hard "and" soft "on the ground to ensure that substantive policy ---- Baosteel, Maanshan Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel to investigate the capacity of the three."
Imperative to capacity, but actual progress has setbacks and reversals. Statistics released by the Ministry of Industry show that the first half of this year, the amount of China's steel production capacity to reach 1,300 million tons, accounting for only about 30% of the annual target of 45 million tons.
Edge to edge high capacity, two major problems have hindered the implementation of policies Floor
In June this year, China's crude steel output reached 69.47 million tons, equivalent to average daily production of 2.315 million tons, more than the 2.314 million tons in April, the historical peak ---- side is vigorous to capacity, while steel production is high, shows the execution level remains the crux be solved.
What led to the iron and steel production capacity does not meet expectations? "This year, three or four months after the rebound in steel prices, steel production went up all of a sudden some 'half dead' mills due to external capital injection and proclaimed the resurrection." Magang Group chairman GAO Hai Jian said.
In addition to prices rebounded led to steel production complex, the province reported to the production target and the actual ground situation there may be some bias. Publicly available data, this year plans to Yajian Hebei steel production capacity of 14.22 million tons, Jiangsu Province, this year plans to Yajian crude steel production capacity of 3.9 million tons, Shandong Province plans to "Thirteen Five" Yajian crude steel production capacity of 15 million tons, equivalent to 300 per year tons. Only the amount of the three key provinces iron and steel production capacity to add up to this year's steel production capacity task is almost half finished.
However, the actual situation is not so optimistic. "Local reported target for special support funds may be related to the implementation depends on whether the specific case of the introduction of supporting measures." Executive Dean Minsheng Securities Research Institute tube Kiyotomo said. In this regard, the National Development and Reform Commission, held in the year of coal to the steel, said the goal is to sign letters of responsibility for local military order, the end to give account inventory capacity teleconference on. Not completed will be seriously accountable.
Environmental protection, quality, safety, energy regulations, which must be hard up hard
According to the arrangements, the second half of this year, China will further increase the capacity to implement efforts to break down from the objectives and tasks to promote substantive to steel production. Among them, the laws and regulations, including environmental laws will be a steel production capacity out or not, "Yinggang Gang."
In late July this year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection informed of the steel industry to carry out environmental protection special inspection of law enforcement. Carter, Jiangsu and other places there are many small steel mills have announced the shutdown. "The environmental crisis is not a simple breeze, preliminary estimates of recent construction steel daily output in Jiangsu Province will drop about 15%." Shanghai Steel Union chief analyst Wang Jianhua said.
"Steel production went, first thing to do according to the law. China is now in the steel production capacity is still a considerable number of environmental non-compliance in the control of environmental protection law, non-compliance of corporate law firm should quit." Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Chairman Ma Guoqiang expressed.
Statistics show that after the implementation of new environmental laws, by the end of 2015, there are still about 20% of the domestic steel enterprises environmental non-compliance. Metallurgical Industry Planning Research Institute Li Chong said that investment in environmental protection, the cost of a tonne of steel than the standard enterprise business did not meet up around 100 yuan. If you make up this cost, many steel market will be automatically eliminated.
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