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Advantage of a hot galvanized sheet

Advantage of a hot galvanized sheet
Galvanized and alloy steel materials technology is one of the most common, most effective and most economical resistance to atmospheric corrosion.
Galvanized steel sheet having the desired corrosion, forming, painting and other comprehensive performance and low cost, good appearance, etc. are mainly used in construction, automotive and appliance industries.
Hot-dip galvanizing layer electrochemical potential is more negative than the potential of the steel material, coating has excellent electrochemical protection. Thick and dense coating, coating and steel substrate binding ability, durability, coating weight 600g / m2 galvanized steel life of up to 30 years. Steel galvanized layer during use no maintenance, simple hot-dip process, steel shape and size adaptability, in addition strip steel, hot dip process is also widely used in steel, steel and structural parts, and high productivity. Zinc coating on the economy compared with other protective coatings, and highly competitive, especially for long-term use of components, cost far less than the galvanized layer of paint coating.
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