ASEAN hot rolled cold HRC steel import prices

ASEAN  hot rolled cold (HRC) steel import prices (CFR ASEAN port) down week-on-week to  $272 a ton in the week ended December 11, as per the latest figures released by  The Steel Index.

According to TSI, ASEAN HRC index lost another $1 a ton  to close the week at a new low of $272 a ton.

Chinese HRC offers remained  stable between $270-275 a ton, while Taiwanese-origin HRC prices slightly  increased to around $290 a ton, although discounts were available. 

This  brought prices for Taiwanese material on par with Japanese offers, currently at  $285-287 a ton.

Lead-times lengthened by around 10 days compared to the  last week, as buyers were arranging shipments to avoid deliveries during the  Lunar New Year.
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